reviews and buzz


"Joss Dey has created a mythical world all her own. It is rare that an author can pull me in so deeply and quickly. She has a melting pot of different mythical characters and it works!"

-Tall Stacks of Books


"Fantastically creative and beautifully written. Readers of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings will love this urban fantasy."


"This book is gritty, intelligent and layered. The author has created a world with diverse, rich, interesting characters (some familiar, some new to me) who simultaneously drew me in and then made me squirm. They also made me laugh, a lot. Her main character, Dragon, is tragically flawed by her need to "fix" others, and Joss Dey does a beautiful job of coming at that common need in a unique fashion. She sort of walks you down a garden path until you have a moment of "Oh, wait...I see what you did there...I know this. Not Ah-ha, exactly, but more like....oh yeah, we do that, don't we?" Her description of the addiction process is raw and real, making it easy for us, as readers to be sympathetic with our heroine and hero as they find each other and try to save themselves in the midst of a world that has both literally and figuratively collapsed around them."

-stacia b

     "Like a potent pot of a mix-to-go, made out of every fantasy, pantheon, heavenly and hellish dimension and the like, as wildly wicked and unexpected is the foundation of this most certainly odd-but-awesome story. Needless to say, in unexpected and unchartered territory like this the events and happenings won't be anywhere anything even remotely standard or boring. Darkly twisted and wicked mixes just fine with charmingly daring as well as hope in hopeless situations and the "OhMyGawd" in this most wild tale.
     "There is nothing like this, so without excess one can say it has managed to create a genre niche all by it self. That is quite an accomplishment. I most definitely will await more books by this talented author. A thrill it is to find gems like this. 
Hats of and a salute for the Author."