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Bizarre creatures, odd goings on, the end of the world, and love.


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My story

Top Five Transformative Moments of My Life

(in chronological order)


  1. My father gave me a GIANT book of world mythology when I was eight years old.

  2. Mr. Kingsley, librarian extraordinaire, read the first book of Susan Cooper's enthralling The Dark is Rising series to my third grade class. (I devoured the rest on my own.)

  3. In the seventh grade, Kristen DePonte advised me to start shaving my legs and passed me a historical romance during study hall.

  4. Professor Steinbrink said to me during office hours, "You should seriously think about doing this for a living. Writing, I mean."

  5. I got an MFA in Creative Writing. My greatest and only act of rebellion.


Today I write emotionally-driven, epic urban fantasies that explore questions about love, family and self amidst bizarre creatures, odd goings on and the end of the world.

I've been a member of RWA since 2004 and live in the ghetto in New Haven, Connecticut (ghetto adjacent, actually) with my chow mix, Glory, who enjoys long walks, terrorizing woodland creatures and shedding.

Speckled Background
My Books


A Novel of the Unbound Realms

A world born of merged realities, turbulent and jagged and overrun with monsters...a woman infected with unruly magic, unknowingly using her soul to find love...


Without warning, the magical realms of dreams and nightmares collapsed upon us, shredding our safe existence. A violent civil war erupted between a ruthless queen seeking revenge and a dark prince collecting power, leaving a broken world of stunted magic, fantastical creatures, chaos, and a drug called Undertow.

Dragon was sold by her mother to a shady clinic that altered her, leaving her mostly human and able to fix the flaws in people. Her “gift” infuses her with life-changing confidence as well as an unnatural euphoria…but also is literally killing her, slicing her soul bit by bit to nourish her fixes. Worse, the power fueling these transformations appears to be overtaking Dragon's body, turning her thoughts and actions towards savagery and murder.

When she meets Fel, a banished fae warrior suffering from PTSD, she’s instantly drawn to him, the one man who doesn’t need her to fix him. Is it his addiction to Undertow, or is it something else? Whatever the answer, Dragon dives right into a steamy affair—love optional…or so she thinks.

But all is not what it seems with Dragon’s adoptive family. When she chooses Fel, the love and acceptance she’s found in this patchwork household is threatened, unleashing a devastating secret that could deliver Dragon into the hands of the two most powerful and deadly creatures in the world.


As betrayal from friends and frenemies alike dog their every step, Fel and Dragon find themselves in the middle of a centuries-old blood feud that will change the course of their lives, bringing them closer to love—and death—than they ever imagined.

My Books
Crappy Friends
Coloring page

Joss Dey has created a mythical world all her own. It is rare that an author can pull me in so deeply and quickly. She has a melting pot of different mythical characters and it works!

Tall Stacks of Books

Fantastically creative and beautifully written. Readers of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings will love this urban fantasy.


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